Plantable Marigold Seed Paper Bags in A4 Size with Tag

  • Material: 100% Recycled Material | Seeds: Marigold Seed | Item size: 175 x 225 x 125 mm | Item Weight: 0.063 kg

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333 20.9 kg 68 x 45 x 45 cm

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Plantable Marigold Seed Paper Bags A4 Size with Tag, 300 GSM

Plantable marigold seed paper bags are a unique and eco-friendly way to package goods while also promoting sustainability and gardening. Here’s a breakdown of their features and benefits:

Planting Instructions

  • 300 GSM, made from 100% recycled material
  • Plantable with marigold Seed.
  • Tag label for planting instruction & Green Rope handle.
  1. Seed Paper Material: These bags are typically made from biodegradable paper embedded with marigold seeds. The paper is often crafted from recycled materials like post-consumer waste or cotton scraps.
  2. Plantable: After use, the paper bags can be planted directly into the soil. The embedded seeds will germinate and grow into beautiful marigold flowers, adding color and life to the garden.
  3. Customizable: They can be customized with designs, logos, or messages, making them perfect for businesses looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions or special events like weddings or parties.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: By using recycled materials and promoting plant growth, these bags help reduce waste and contribute to a healthier environment.
  5. Versatile: Besides packaging goods, these bags can serve multiple purposes such as gift wrapping, party favors, or promotional giveaways.
  6. Educational: They offer a hands-on way to educate people about sustainability and gardening practices, as recipients can experience the joy of planting and watching the seeds grow.
  7. Seasonal: Marigolds are annual flowers that bloom in the spring and summer, adding seasonal charm to gardens or landscapes.
  8. Growth Instructions: Some manufacturers include simple instructions for planting & caring for the seeds, ensuring successful growth for users of all experience levels.

Overall, plantable marigold seed paper bags are a creative and eco-conscious solution for packaging needs, offering beauty, functionality, and sustainability in one delightful package.

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Plantable Seed Paper Bags Printing Details

Plantable Seed Paper Bags Printing Details

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Weight 0.063 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 22.5 × 12.5 cm
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